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I Am First Website Launch

After spending a few weeks completing photoshoots and editing video interviews, all my hard work can be seen at our official I Am First website! My favorite feature is the scrolling banner that showcases beautiful black and white portraits of the first generation faculty and students. As it automatically pans from left to right, you can click on each person and view a short preview of their interview. I hope to have their extended videos finished in the future. Here are a few screen shots from the website.

Website1 Website2


I Am First Mousepad


An extension of the I Am First campaign visual identity. These mousepads will be distributed to faculty and staff across campus to raise awareness and show support of the I Am First campaign and first generation students at the University of Florida.

MLK Celebration Campaign

411881_480873408636046_720422441_oIn the past few months, we have been preparing for our annual MLK Celebration, Leave Your Mark  in January. Refreshing last year’s campaign theme and restructuring the main logo so it can be utilized in upcoming years were my main tasks. The identity was then translated into posters, postcards, flyers, buttons, and a banner to be hung in front of Library West to gain student’s attention and raise awareness of this week long event. Also, social media was incorporated in spreading the word. Through UF MLK Celebration‘s facebook page, I created cover photo images that would display a specific dates events. This will be updated every day and will notify and remind people who follow this page on their news feed about the events offered including speakers, volunteer opportunities, and marches.

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